Get Clear, Get Visible & Get Paid DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP

Get Clear, Get Visible & Get Paid Diamond Membership is a membership group built from the core principles of Kisa Puckett's high-level, high-impact 1:1 consulting program, The Business Diamond.  Members will get monthly group support and training to help you get more clarity in your business, dramatically increase your visibility, brand authority, revenue, and client base through community-building strategies, plug and play marketing, and live event experiences.

Special discounted rate for full pay lifetime access

Payment Plan Option: $97/month for 12 months

Lifetime access granted after all payments made

Kisa Puckett, Your Diamond Mentor

Diamond Membership

Get Clear, Visible & Get Paid

 This membership will provide you with the key concepts to creating a profitable and highly visible personal brand while building a tribe-like community, and transforming your business using the power of community-building, marketing strategy, and curated live event experiences.  Four main components will be covered in monthly live videos and group engagement:


  • ​​Mindset
  • Personal Branding
  • Connections
  • Community-Building & Visibility


This is NOT a membership based on a bunch of ideas, assumptions, and theories.  Monthly training and group support is from a proven framework with access to an expert who has built a high-demand personal brand and multiple six-figure businesses. 


You will learn key strategies on how to transform your brand presence, influence and revenue; and will be given tips on how to host successful event experiences that people crave, while building a tribe-like following that grows your revenue opportunities!

Special discounted rate for full pay lifetime access

Payment Plan Option: $97/month for 12 months

Lifetime access granted after all payments made

OMG!!!  What is it going to take?!

Are you struggling to build the business of your dreams?  Overwhelmed with everything it takes to build a successful business?  Not sure what so-called marketing tip, trick or strategy to use NEXT?  Just plain frustrated??!!


Well, the problem is NOT you.  It's the system that you're using (or, not using).  But, here's the solution to get you on your way to achieving POSITIVE results in your business, and more money in the bank!


This membership will provide the strategies I use in my business to increase my brand authority, revenue, and create highly successfully event experiences that keep the flood gates open for every revenue-producing opportunity available to me.  


You will now have access to these proven techniques to implement in your own business.


Mental Conversations

Any limiting beliefs or negative mental chatter stopping you from transforming your business will be examined, allowing you the opportunity to renew your mindset while positioning you to receive ultimate success with connecting, building community, and successfully curating live event experiences that transform audiences and greatly enhance your brand presence.

Rethinking Monetization

You will learn money-making techniques I personally use to create revenue for your business prior to the event, during, and after the event is long over.

Personal Branding

Visual Branding

You will learn what is necessary to create and sustain a visual brand presence that communicates to your ideal audience and remains consistent with your brand's core values and offerings, further establishing you as an authority in your industry.

Messaging & Attraction

You will learn the exact messaging strategies that attract your ideal clients and positions you as an authority to confidently ask for what you want in your communications with partners, venue contributors and clients.


Diamond Networking

The highly effective strategies I personally use when networking will be shared for your immediate use.  These strategies will allow you to make meaningful connections, beyond just exchanging business cards, that you're able to tap into at any given time for massive support with your  live event experiences, referrals, or other money-making opportunities.


Online/Offline Strategies

You will gain access to HIGHLY effective social strategies that build a super targeted, engaged, and action-taking community both online in social media and offline.  You will also get step by step help on building systems, funnels, and automations to help your business grow on autopilot.  These strategies will position you to build a tribe-like following, bringing ease to increasing tons of revenue in your business!

Curating Live Event Experiences

The holy grail of live experiences!  You will receive strategies to plan, organize, promote and host/co-host your very own highly successful live event experiences.  You will gain access to several proven concepts and the method in which I use to create transformational experiences that have people sharing on their own, and coming back time and time again.

Real Results Speak

Brandie Kekoa

CEO ~ Be Kekoa, Inc.

"I collaborated with Kisa on a networking event this past March. Everything was fabulous from beginning to end. From planning itineraries to connecting with vendors."


"We had an outcome of over 100 people and I can’t wait to plan my next event with her."

Jeff Crume

Speaker/Life Coach

" I’ve had the privilege of working with Kisa on large-scale projects involving multiple-day events, hundreds of businesses, and the marketing, branding, promotions and leadership required to assure such ventures were successful." 


"Kisa’s genuine concern for people and their success is what I believe sets her apart from most. Your business is truly her business."

Renee Sims-Garcia

Owner ~ Couture Salon Suites

"Kisa is the absolute best! She has amazing ideas to help promote any business.  The last event she hosted for me was a huge success! I highly recommend her. Hands down!!"

Amanda Gilliland

Owner ~ West Coast Training

"Kisa always makes you feel you are a priority when doing business with her. What a relief to have complete and utter trust in a person. You feel supported and always prioritized.  I appreciate her more than I can express!!!"

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The 700+ person live event experience I curated that created shock waves!

Video Credit: Jeff Crume

Transformational Experiences

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